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Autophagy is one of the most under-looked aspects of health


 Although more superficial ways to enhance health and wellness such as exercising will indeed have a direct effect, autophagy is a deeper process where you remove and recycle cellular waste. Our bodies have over 37 trillion cells, most of these cells have to regenerate, heal and recover. With autophagy, the body removes all the excess waste. This is a crucial thing that our body needs to do to keep us healthy in the long term. What some of the biggest researchers have found is that we can trigger this response in the body in the three autophagy forms: macroautophagy, micro autophagy as well as chaperone-mediated autophagy to treat health ailments, skin conditions, and even help with excessive body fat. 

 One of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the health department is that autophagy was responsible for more things than we thought. The general line of thought was that autophagy is done to get rid of waste in cells. However, it was found that not only can autophagy have a direct effect on aging, skin health, bone density, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes as well as bad metabolism, but we can also influence this through easy steps we can incorporate in our daily  life.


The extensive research done on the broad effects of autophagy has shed light on so many normalized foods that are having a detrimental effect on the body. Vegetable oil, as well as processed foods, are one of those foods that can age you faster and they have been shown to increase the rate of heart disease. 

What is very surprising and pleasing to find was that all of the women that volunteered as subject tests for an autophagy experiment experienced a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, puffing and bloating. 

The an abundance of deliciously nutritious food that our bodies more effectively and efficiently use as fuel, instead of storing as fat. In this particular study, the test group that did not follow the program continued to have wrinkles and slightly gained weight while the group that did follow the program lost some weight, felt better overall and decreased wrinkles and fine lines during the short period they were testing. 

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The benefits:



Weight loss:   One of the biggest problems not only in the US but all over the world is excessive weight gain. Our bodies have a natural regulatory system that keeps the weight in check without us having to try much. This is linked to autophagy and it is exactly what Naomi Whittel’s research in Glow15 has found. Weight loss was very easy and almost effortless. 

Natural energy:   Our bodies tend to get desensitized to the natural energetic cycles we go through in the circadian rhythm. This is why most people resort to coffee and other stimulants to keep them going through the day. Autophagy was found to be very effective in triggering the body’s natural clock which can make you energetic all morning and relaxed in the evening and through the night. 

Natural health and beauty:   Naomi Whittel has spent lots of years researching and experimenting with different compounds to see how it can affect the body. Her biggest shock and revelation is that autophagy gave her and her clients great skin, this seemed to be the trend when it comes to the benefits of Glow15. 

Exercise with the right fuel

How to trigger autophagy for better health

One of the ways you can trigger autophagy is by protein cycling, Used in traditions for many people who are famous for their health and vibrant skin. 

Intermittent fasting style of eating is also very important to regulate cell regeneration, natural HGH function at night and regulated ghrelin hormone function.