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What's up with your gut?



 I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "you are what you eat", and although you may not turn into an actual potato chip, what you eat will have either a helpful, or unfortunately, hurtful impact on the gut. 

Our Digestive tract is not meant to be impenetrable, and the foods we are adapt in a routine with are doing just that; intruding its way through the walls of the gut.

         You see, when the gut is functioning properly, it forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Looking at an unhealthy gut, you will see it may have large cracks and holes that are allowing bacteria, semi-digested food, toxins, and bugs to penetrating the tissues beneath it and infiltrating the bloodstream,  triggering inflammation i

How Diet effects health

 Like a child, we need to have a positive impact on our gut to keep it on the right track.

Our Gut Flora and microbiota can influence the functions of our immune system, hindering our ability to fight off illness and disease.  

 ...So What Can I Do To Help My Gut Work For Me Instead Of Against Me? 

First 3 Steps

1. Eat Slowly!

...and Chew chew Chew it all up! The better you chew your food, the less of a chance you're swallowing excessive air. As a result of taking in less air, you will have a better sense of when you're actually full.

2. Enjoy Smaller Meals

Eating in moderation can encourage digestion verse overfilling yourself and causing reflux.

3. Destress!

Believe it or not, how you manage your stress can affect your gut health. Stress makes it stressful to digest food.  Reduce stress before eating for better digestive health.

...Sounds simple, Right? 

4 Steps Towards a Body that works FOR you!

Eat your way to Healthy

1. Sugar: Not As Sweet As It Taste

    We've all heard the many dangers of sugar and how it can effect our body, but rarely is the process even explained.

      I don't want to scare you away from ever eating your favorite treats again, I just want you to know, sugar isn't as sweet as we once thought. Rather, it's disruptive in the body, causing a lot of chaos, and it shows in the symptoms we encounter.

 Our bodies are tough, but it takes more energy to process sugar than you may realize.

    ...Which for one, explains the midday crash most of us experience.

That 3pm slump, most struggle through, is our body trying to conserve energy. 

     You see, inside the pancreas, we have helpful soldiers that protect our bloodstream, called beta cells. I see our beta cells to be like the 9-1-1 dispatch team that call in for backup.  The beta cells then dispatch in more insulin. The insulin act as if they are our bodies crew of detail officers, and their job is to detain these sugars, a.k.a. villains in the community, and dropping them off "downtown" in the liver, muscles and even turning the  secondary sugars into unwanted fat.

2. Still hungry? ...Drink Water First

Being dehydrated can feel the same as when you're hungry. Try drinking water first.

3. Balance Bacteria

It has been discovered that the gut can have a great impact on the brain and body. 

Remove bad bacteria and yeast from the gut and digestive track as you compliment the much needed restorative process with our probiotics that replenish and restore the digestive system. 

Keep reading to find out more...

4. Take longer breaks

 Researchers have found we should be eating our last meal of the day at least 3 hours before bedtime. This might seem tough at first, but the pay off is worth the switch. Our bodies have proven to function better with longer breaks between each meal, and especially before hitting the sheets.


This one step is more important than you may think...

     Our brains actually require an abundance of blood flow for the lymph system to successfully go through what is called its natural "Brain cleansing cycle". 

    During the beginning stages of deep sleep, the brain shrinks by 20% to squeeze collected toxins and "bad" proteins out, similar to ringing out a filthy sponge.

   If you decide to snack before bed, the energy meant to wash the brain, is now too busy digesting your midnight snack.