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...Got Yeast?

Don't Want to Shove Harmful Chemicals up in your lady-garden?

Yeast can be a menace up in your V! 

...and HPV is getting wildly out of control; growing faster and stronger than traditional antibiotics can keep up with.

Try something Chemical Free without all the side effects

Doctor Balanced Health Gel contains Zero Carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, or hormone disruptors, so you can Conquer Your Day in Confidence.

The most common growth environment of yeast overgrowth and infections is in warm and moist areas, su

 Fungi, bacteria and viruses take full advantage of the warm and moist areas of the body, taking this opportunity to flourish – getting out of control easily! 

When Doctor Balanced Health Gel is exposed to candida or any other fungal infection, it attacks the cell wall of the yeast, breaking it down so it is no longer able to hold itself together. 

Induce natural healing with our doctor made and doctor approved health gel!


Women embrace their inner beauty


Our products work with the body to create an environment where only Harmful Bacteria are Destroyed, while leaving the Good, Natural Bacteria SAFE and UNHARMED. 

PH balanced Structured Silver gel

We are dedicated to provide safe, alternative solutions to real women problems.

We understand women are already experiencing unique health conditions and reoccurring issues, and sometimes identifying the true source of vaginal problems can be quite an unbearable stream of events; luckily, Doctor Balanced Health Gel is safe enough, and effective enough, to assist in the recovery from vaginal yeast and antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

Doctor made, doctor approved products

Get to the source of the problem!

Receive antibacterial, antiviral, anti- mold, and anti- parasitic benefits with one simple doctor made and doctor approved solution.